Do you want to report an illicit and/or unethical behaviour?.

A whistleblowing report and its fields.

It is a report of alleged illicit actions (likely amounting a crime) or unethical acts carried out by any worker or collaborator resulting in non-compliance with the principles of the Corporate Ethic Code, such as:

  • Non-discrimination (on age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, political opinions and religious beliefs)
  • No conflict of interest
  • Honesty (strict compliance with applicable laws, with the Ethic Code and the internal regulations)
  • Correctness (conduct inspired by principles of fairness, transparency and professionalism)
  • Confidentiality (on information, documents, studies, initiatives, projects and contracts)
  • Physical and moral integrity of collaborators
  • Working conditions respecting individual dignity and healthy and safe working environments
  • Fair and correct exercise of hierarchical relationship with employees and collaborators, avoiding any abuse of power
  • Responsibility (carrying out the work with diligence, efficiency and correctness)
  • Respect for environment

How to do a report.

It is important that the information in the report is as concrete as possible so that it can be properly processed and investigated.

The report should answer the following five questions:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • How?
  • Where?

The answers and their content should be written so as to be easily understood even by unprofessionals.

Fontana Group Whistleblowing fight mechanisms.

As stated in the Corporate Ethic Code, business unethical behaviors compromise the trust relationships between the Company and its stakeholders.

Any behavior of any individual or organization trying to take advantages from the collaboration with others, exploiting positions of strength or acting fraudulent and deceiving, are considered unethical and facilitates the assumption of hostile attitudes towards the Company.

An Auditing Body (ODV) has been appointed by the Border of Directors to identify and restrain corporate risks in the management of Business Organization and Control Model according to D.L. 231/01, to check adequacy and functionality of the internal control system and to propose the implementation of an appropriate action plan to mitigate the exposure to business risks.

The Company has settled a whistleblowing reporting service, a corporate communication system dedicated to reporting any illegal or unethical behavior carried out by any person working or collaborating with the Company.

This allows meeting the needs of prevention and management of crime cases as per D.L. 231/01, though always after verification of the alert and by guaranteeing the anonymity of the employee or collaborator itself.

Communications and reports can sent by e-mail to odv@fontana-group.com or by fulfilling the format below; the access to format is sole responsibility of the aforementioned Auditing Body.

As stated in the Corporate Ethic Code, Fontana Group shall not allow any form of direct or indirect administrative retaliation against personnel reporting an illegal suspicion. Therefore, the reporting service guarantees the privacy of the whistleblower identity, as well as the content of the reports.

Fontana Group
reports management.

The Auditing Body carries out all the necessary checks on the validity of the circumstances reported in the whistleblowing and provides, in compliance with the principles of impartiality and confidentiality, to carry out any activity deemed appropriate, including the personal hearing of the whistleblower and any other subjects who may report on the facts.

The Auditing Body can also get support and collaboration by other company structures and functions as well as by external consultants when their involvement is necessary because of the nature and complexity of the checks.

Eventually the Auditing Body draws up a summary report of the investigation and of the evidence proved; according to the results, it shall be shared with the competent company structures and functions to start proper intervention plans and adopt actions aimed to protect the Company.

The results shall also be brought to the attention of the President of the Board of Directors or to the CEO for any sanctioning procedure. Disciplinary sanctions will be proportionate to the extent and seriousness of the unlawful conduct and may lead to the termination of the employment relationship, in compliance with the legal provisions and regulations of the applicable working contract (CCNL).

If the report is proved as correct, in relation to the nature of the established violation, in addition to sharing the results with the functions, bodies and structures indicated above, the Auditing Body may even submit a complaint to the Legal Authority.