Talent Management.

The responsibility of innovation.

We in Fontana Group have focused on innovation and continuous improvement. To attain this goal we constantly develop new technologies drawing on the support of partnerships, as well as technological and conceptual integrations with our Customers.

This is an approach that requires commitment and responsibility on the part of our entire Team.

Our successes are driven by our strong motivation and continuing professional growth;  a starting point letting us reach further, brilliant goals.

The importance
of HR.

Human Resources are an essential element of Fontana Group’s success.

For this reason the Company relies on Fontana Technical School to develop vocational and managerial skills in cooperation with its internal talent, local Technical Institutes and international Universities.

Fontana Technical School is responsible for implementing comprehensive programs of training courses and training-on-the-job. It also fosters job rotation programs, both in Italy and abroad, involving the various Group companies.

The value
of Talent.

In Fontana Group we invest in the development and nurture of Talent of our collaborators.

We seek, attract and value Talent with a corporate cultural approach based on the attention paid to individual characteristics, a relationship between company and collaborator based on listening, frequent monitoring, evaluation and continuous circular feedback.

We carry on the development of an organizational culture which enables people to express and realize their potential through training projects based on planning of individual growth paths and the development of cross skills, thanks also to job rotation projects.

The added value of our Talents is fundamental for the continuous improvement pursued by the Group.

For more than eleven years, the IO SONO KAIZEN project has been collecting proposals and suggestions from all the collaborators of the Group, with the aim of bringing benefits in terms of productivity, efficiency, consumption reduction and environmental sustainability.

An internal Committee examines each idea, selects the most effectives and rewards every year those who contribute to the company well-being and competitiveness with their insights on the field.

School & Workplace Exchange programs.

The Group also promotes “School & Workplace Exchange” programs, as another way for young people to acquire skills and expertise through integrating the worlds of education and industry.

In this sense over the years, Fontana Group has successfully partnered with high schools and vocational training schools, and for our efforts, Confindustria honoured us with the BAQ 2018 – School & Workplace Exchange Program Certificate of Quality (Bollino per l’Alternanza di Qualità) given to companies who distinguish themselves with their top quality school work projects.

Scientific Committee.

Walter Fontana, Fontana Group President and CEO, was appointed Member of the Scientific Committee of the “G.B. Grassi” Liceo Scientifico e Musicale (scientific and musical high school) in Lecco for the school year 2017/2018.

The Scientific Committee works to reinforce the synergy amongst the school’s educational objectives, innovations in scientific and technological research, local requirements and needs of the workplace.