Functional design, aesthetics and sustainability.

The beginnings of altreforme.

altreforme, created in 2008, is the division dealing specifically with the design and production of high-end furniture and architectural and design tailor-made projects. The brand addresses itself to a non-conformist audience that wants unique, highly custom-made and eco-friendly pieces of furniture for its personal environment.

Inspired by Fontana Group’s long-standing and exceptional experience gained through its collaboration with prestigious international automotive manufacturers, altreforme chose aluminium as the main material for its masterpieces.

Technologies and know-how gained from the Company’s automotive sector have been transferred  to the world of design creating a brand new product with innovative shapes, colours and finishes.

Design ennobles aluminium bestowing on it sinuous contours and exquisite decorations that only apparently contrast its rigorous nature.

A point of reference for design.

altreforme has now become a point of reference for architects, interior designers and contracts worldwide.

altreforme sartoria line allows professionals to manufacture bespoke products, both as unique pieces and as series.

By virtue of its creative pieces of furniture and accessories, altreforme gives life to new living and habitat styles that faithfully embody the desires and the personality of each Customer.

altreforme has already won numerous international prizes, among which the Elle Decor Design Award, to name just one.

Every year at Salone del Mobile, the international furniture fair in Milan, altreforme presents new and exclusive collections signed by the most famous international designers.


altreforme has been honoured to collaborate with the most prominent designers and celebrities whose collections are found in the catalogue:  Aziz Sariyer, Marco Piva, Garilab, Elena Cutolo, Antonio Aricò, Serena Confalonieri, Marcantonio, Alessandro Zambelli, Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto, Elena Salmistraro, plus two of the most extravagant fashion designers, Yazbukey and Moschino.

altreforme creativity and innovation are in continuous progression, in a never-ending search for innovative products and projects and new living styles.

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