The art of anticipating innovation.

In just a few decades the family-owned Fontana Group has become a multinational company with a solid and reliable positioning worldwide thanks to strategic management of its resources. A precise vision guides us along this path, that is, the commitment to always anticipate the needs of our most valued Customers and the constant search for new solutions that allow us to stand out in highly competitive markets. Innovation and cutting-edge solutions are the main strengths that make Fontana Group a unique proactive partner for its Customers, always on the lookout for new challenges to overcome.

An Italian story, a global success.

Its origins

In 1956, Pietro Fontana laid the foundation for one of the most notable examples of Italian post-war entrepreneurial brilliance. The company, in origin a mechanical machining and cutting workshop, soon won over its first customers in the small metal parts, household electrical appliances, camping equipment and tractor manufacturing sectors.

The second generation

In the ‘70s, Pietro’s sons Walter and Marco Fontana (today CEO and Technical Vice-President respectively), conquered the automotive sector, thus establishing Fontana Group as a global leader in die construction and car body production for the most prestigious.

The 1980s

In the Eighties, the Company continued to grow and further expand Its reference markets beyond both Italian and European borders making a name for itself in Russia, the United States and China.

New value-added services make an entrance

At the beginning of the 2000s the Fontana Group extended its core business with the construction of two new production sites in Italy, both dedicated to stamping and assembling car body parts for the most prestigious and prominent automobile manufacturers worldwide.

So the company broadened its own productive processes and became an international leader also in car body production for niche cars.


Fontana Group has continued to expand worldwide. In 2003, the Fontana Pietro Kalip production plant was built in Istanbul, followed, in 2007, by Fontana Pietro Romania, a new services firm offering technical and operational consulting to the Group’s companies; a choice that in 2011 led it to become the third Fontana Group production site.

The Third Generation

Thanks to the entry into the Company management of Valentina and Stefano Fontana as Group Vice-Presidents engaged in Strategy, Development, Change Management and Business Innovation, a new era began defined by a strong drive towards digitalisation. Additionally, the first real diversification in the Company kicked off with the creation of the altreforme brand and its entrance into the industrial design sector. Simultaneously the company adopted organisational restructuring measures to include top-level management from important Italian and international companies to foster the growth of the company culture and new management mindsets.

Quality is always rewarded

Throughout the more than 60 years as head of the Group, the Fontana Family has invested in the values of Quality and Research. This choice has been honoured time and again by Customers and institutions alike with numerous recognitions including the “Eccellenza Italiana” award conferred on us by Ferrari, our Italian Customer for whom Fontana Group manufactures 100% of its Gran Turismo car bodies.

Fontana Group plants and organisation

Fontana Group currently manages nine operative sites in Italy and two locations abroad, in Turkey and Rumania, for a total of more than 1,000 employees in the Group.

Companies in 3 countries

Operative sites


Fontana Pietro

Fontana Pietro S.P.A. is both the parent company and headquarters of Fontana Group. Its activity is distributed amongst seven plants situated in the provinces of Lecco and Bergamo, where engineering activities as well as car body and design furniture production take place. The headquarters also manages the governance and coordination of the other Group companies worldwide.

Fontana Pietro

Since 2003, Fontana Pietro Kalip has been one of the Group production sites in Istanbul; Turkey has proven itself to be an important market with a strong capacity for expansion towards the East and Middle East. Fontana Pietro Kalip constructs dies at competitive costs while ensuring Corporate quality and certified experience.


Fontana Pietro

Fontana Pietro Romania, one of the Group’s production sites since 2007, is located in Arges county, Rumania, a strategic market characterised by solid technical expertise thanks to the historical settlement there of many car manufacturers. The dies constructed at this site maintain the high competitive standards consistent with the Group’s quality level.