The commitment to a sustainable future.

For more than 60 years, Fontana Group has been thinking of the future in terms of a strong drive towards innovation as a distinctive hallmark of its commitment to every challenge. Today looking towards the future means thinking in terms of sustainability and paying increasingly greater attention to its diverse aspects.

For this reason Fontana Group fielded the innovation issue once again. It is the only way to pursue a philosophy of sustainable development that can lead to new social development, for the health of people and the environment. By so doing, a new concept of safeness and a community vision can be constructed in the name of well-being for all.

Since 2020 Fontana Group has formalized its commitment to the enhancement and implementation of sustainable practices and behaviors by annually publishing its sustainability report (Social Report or CSR).

Abstract of the Sustainability Report

Innovation for sustainability.

In view of its commitment to sustainability, Fontana Group has totally renewed its production processes, which today are especially focused on respect for the environment: this means zero emission of atmospheric pollution and utilisation of zero impact materials. In fact, its car bodies are constructed of aluminium, an eco-friendly and 100% recyclable material.

Company projects for sustainability.

The Company philosophy of respect for nature and people’s health has translated into the implementation of concrete projects and initiatives.

The Paper Conservation project, for instance, is intended to make all Group collaborators aware of the need to reduce paper consumption and optimise digital solutions usage: both issues address more effective information sharing within the company. Moreover, to protect people’s health and the environment, Fontana Group chose to be a No Smoking Company through its campaign to make all workers aware of the damage caused by both active and passive smoke.

The steps taken toward sustainability have been strengthened by further activities to benefit the environment and the safety of its workers, as is illustrated by its ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certifications, the creation of the brand new Fontana Planet project and the creation of the first Sustainability Report.


Fontana Planet is a project to promote mindful sustainability, with a particular focus on green behaviour and social consciousness. Over the years, it has given life to diverse activities to help the environment and the community:

Progressive reduction of plastic bottle usage in the company and adoption of plastic-free solutions, such as the introduction of stainless steel water bottles for all Group employees

Development of pro-environment projects, for example tree planting to increase planet oxygen levels; 

Sponsorship of initiatives to develop activities of common interests

Budget funding to boost productivity and corporate loyalty

Donations to organisations and associations to aid charity