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Fontana Group Automotive Division is dedicated to the engineering, construction of dies and production of bodies for the worldwide knows luxury supercars.
Born and known from the very beginning of its long-lasting story as an international leader in die construction, Fontana Group has been investing since the first Eighties in advanced technologies of virtual engineering, feasibility studies and dynamic simulations, soon becoming the prime example and reference for all the most important automotive companies all over the world, who need partners able to offer reliable turnkey equipment and services.
Grown up in the German automotive market, rich of the most vanguard technologies and innovative materials, Fontana Group gets an exclusive know-how in the shaping of aluminium as well as of high resistance steels.
At the beginning of the Two-Thousands the prestigious customer Ferrari, a real icon for highest luxury, quality and Italian style, chooses Fontana Group as sole Partner for the realization of all Gran Tourismo car bodies. A huge step ahead for Fontana Group, which has been working since then with Ferrari side by side with a strong vertical integration of its production processes.

Fontana Group
The realization of the die starts from the mathematic data worked out from the Engineering division departments.
Fontana Group
The Car Body Production works on three different production departments: Stamping, Laser Cutting and Assembly and on two control departments: Geometric and Aesthetic.