Fontana Group


Quality is the key requirement for the success of Fontana Group, dealing with such an advanced industrial sector like automotive, which is becoming more and more competitive and global-like every day. To Fontana Group Quality means customer’s satisfaction, HRs’ motivation, business development, profit increase by means of: innovative ideas, efficient processes, elimination of any wastage or misuse.
Quality starts from every single person working in the Company by:
  • Doing well the first time
  • Achieving one’s set targets
  • Respecting procedures and instructions
  • Better any activity continuously
  • Innovating, consolidating, boosting and passing on strategic know-how
The Company Management invites everybody to give their advice and welcome any proposal aimed to improve the quality and efficiency of actions leading to the shared goals, which can be resumed in five primary macro-objectives:
  • Customer’s satisfaction
  • Costs reduction
  • Process efficiency
  • Goal sharing
  • Business development
The Company Management considers VDA 6.4 and ISO/TS 16949 certification a fundamental instrument to achieve the targets of the Group; therefore its steady development and its diffusion among all sister companies is carefully and continuously followed up.
Fontana Group
According to Fontana Group Quality management means total priority to the Customer, offering the best solutions by the required deadlines.
Fontana Group
Research and Development are key words in the company DNA.