Fontana Group




The Car Body Production works on three different production departments: Stamping, Laser Cutting and Assembly and on two control departments: Geometric and Aesthetic.
The Stamping department provides the stamping of hi-drawability aluminium sheets through extremely complex and delicate working cycles under a dual process control: Dimensional Control, which checks the geometric details, while Quality ICP checks the aesthetic ones.
The Laser Cutting department refines the shapes through three-dimensional cut processes, which define the internal and perimetric details of the stamping.
The Assembly department puts together the complete kits to be sent directly to the customer’s production lines; they will be mounted on the frame of the car to build the body.
Final assembly is realized by craftsmen or robots according to the car production volumes required: the Group can count on vanguard 7-axes robots for mig and tig welding, strength spot-welding, automatic punching and coating with structural glues and flatting.
All the details assembled are once more controlled and possibly reconditioned by the Quality ICP division by means of manual operations requiring great sensibility besides the maximum skills of the most specialized craftsmanship.
In the end, the details are 100% checked simulating the effect of the painting on different areas of the body under special lighting.
The most prestigious supercars in the world are dressed with the most daring shapes and sinuous bends which take form in Fontana Group; car bodies are just like the finest sartorial clothing produced in a tailor-making atelier.