Fontana Group




The realization of the die starts from the mathematic data worked out from the Engineering division departments. The use of CATIA V5 during the phase of die design allows the optimization of machine programming schedules and the most considerable precision in die production. Cap, punch and pressure pad are made of different steels and cast irons, chosen according to the effort necessary for the moulding and to the type of press on which the dies shall work. The high-speed milling machines for the CNC working accurately model cast iron and steels in compliance with the program elaborated by the CAM departments. The final finishing of details still needs the craftsmanship’s intervention in the process and the unique skills of Fontana Group workforce. Hi-precision measuring machines are used to evaluate the geometric and aesthetic compliance of the product to the standard math value defined during the virtual phase, before proceeding with the assembly of the components on the die.
The set of presses used for the next trials, faithfully reproduce the machines of the customers, allowing the simulation of a real series production and enabling to refine the finishing of the die before the start-up of a site. Then, the measuring machines check the deviations occurred from the theoretical study and verify that the spring back of the worked material corresponds to the forecasts defined by the Engineering division.
Thanks to such perfectly tried processes and to the technical expertise of the Company, Fontana Group is able to offer customers a perfect geometric quality.