Fontana Group




Fontana Pietro Spa was born in 1956 and its main activities were machining and cutting. Die production was introduced in the early Seventies and improved to become nowadays core business of Fontana Group.
This is the reason why the first customers, mostly belonging to ironmongeries, home appliances, camping and tractor markets, gave soon way to the new customers in the automotive field, which Fontana Group would establish to exclusively dedicate all its capabilities and efforts. The Eighties witnessed brilliant Fontana’s operative expansion, with Fontana Family focused on companies located outside Europe, especially in Russia, USA and China. The Group continued its internationalisation strategy with a direct investment in 2003, when Fontana Pietro Kalip started up as Turkish production plant in Istanbul. Since early 2000s the phases of stamping and assembling have added up to the phase of die construction, activities reserved to a very special niche of supercar companies and carried forward in two new Italian production sites.
In 2005 internal spin-off Future Project initiated as engineering consulting society. In collaboration with important Universities and Research Institutes, Future Projects was born to help industrial development and to realize engineering studies for projects involving the companies of Fontana Group as well as third parties.
In 2007 a new branch was created as service company to complete the internationalisation strategy of the Group: Fontana Pietro Romania, with the aim to offer technical and operational advice to the companies of the Group related to die production.
At the end of 2008 the first project of Group diversification was settled up. A new production branch was definitely dedicated to the realisation of fine pieces of furniture in aluminium and customized solutions for architects, interiors and contracts of international stature.
In 2011 Fontana Pietro Romania became the third production site of Fontana Group.
Since 2012 till now Fontana Pietro has been growing also in Italy with seven production sites localized in Lecco district.