Fontana Group




Fontana Group has always run its activity, in compliance with the current laws, claiming and guaranteeing fairness and respect to all interlocutors in the relationships of every level: we expect therefore that all our employees have the highest standards of ethical behavior and moral integrity within their business.

The Code of Ethics must help us to be more competitive and must make our employees more proud of what they have achieved and how they have done it, in a working environment in which they feel actors and leaders.

It must help the quality of relationships with all our “Stakeholders” within the communities in which we work.

The Code of Ethics is one of the tools by which Fontana Group attracts talents and the best experts in his business sector and it guarantees that the Customers consider us an expert and responsible partner able to ensure long-term success.

We strongly believe that moral and economic values depend on each other and that the world of “business” must commit itself not only toworking in compliance with them observing the specific laws, but above all to expressing the spirit of the ethical principles.